The Best String Trimmers for Yard Maintenance

Cut back unruly growth and trim landscaping edges and borders with a handy outdoor power tool designed for that very purpose.

Best Weed Wacker Options


String trimmers are designed to facilitate the maintenance of plant growth in those out-of-the-way areas where using another tool, such as a lawn mower, would be impractical.

There are many different string trimmers out there. For help finding one that delivers performance, reliability, and ease of use, keep reading for our top tips on choosing the best string trimmer for your landscaping needs—and don’t miss our top picks, below!

  1. BEST OVERALL: EGO Power+ 15-Inch Lithium-Ion Cordless Brushless String Trimmer
  2. BEST FOR HEAVY DUTY: Husqvarna Gas Powered 1 HP Curved Shaft String Line Weed Grass Trimmer

Best Weed Wacker – Buyer's Guide

Shopping Considerations

To make sure you’re selecting the right tool for your yard, start by understanding the different variations available.

Fuel Source

String trimmers are powered either by gasoline or electricity. Which is right for you? That depends on the size of your yard and the extent of your maintenance needs.

  • Gas-powered models are powerful and of course do not need to plugged in. That gives users of a gas-powered string trimmer the ability to move freely when using the tool. Though gas-powered string trimmers typically handle long weeds and heavy brush better than their electric-powered counterparts, they can also be more expensive. They’re generally heavier than electric models as well; many weigh in at over 10 pounds.
  • Electric-powered models tend to be more lightweight and functional. Corded electric string trimmers occasionally pose maneuverability problems, as the cord can get tangled or limit the tool user’s movement. That said, corded trimmers are among the most budget-friendly options out there. Cordless string trimmers, on the other hand, are very easy to maneuver, but their batteries must be recharged between each use and they don’t perform as well as corded models.


The two most common string trimmer designs are curved-shaft and straight-shaft.

  • Curved-shaft string trimmers feature a bend at the end of the shaft, near the blades, which makes them shorter in length. That shorter length (and sometimes lighter weight) makes these types of trimmers comfortable to use.
  • Straight shaft string trimmers boast greater reach for tall users and for those who need to trim far beneath shrubbery or unique landscape features. That said, straight-shaft models generally tend to be the heavier of the two types.

Our Top Picks

Best Weed Wacker: EGO Power+


1. BEST OVERALL: EGO Power+ 15-Inch 56-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Brushless String Trimmer

Power by a highly efficient lithium-ion battery, the EGO Power+ string trimmer operates via a quiet-running and brushless electric motor. As this is a cordless model, it can be used anywhere, with the only limitation being battery life. With a lightweight and extendable aluminum shaft, the EGO Power+ trims growth quickly and efficiently across a generous 15-inch cutting swath.

Best Weed Wacker: Husqvarna


2. BEST FOR HEAVY DUTY: Husqvarna Gas Powered 1 HP Curved Shaft String Line Weed Grass Trimmer

The Husqvarna Gas Powered 1 HP Curved Shaft String Line Weed Grass Trimmer draws its considerable power from a 2-stroke gas engine. It’s not the lightest of the tools on our list, but it’s the only one with an ergonomic, curved shaft. That design helps make the Husqvarna more easily maneuverable, while bonus features like automatic controls for starting and stopping make this mid-size model even more user-friendly.

The Best Weed Wacker: BLACK + DECKER



Besides the ability to convert into an edger for extra precision when necessary or desired, this model from BLACK+DECKER also includes an automatic feed spool for its electrical cord, which makes it a cinch to extend and retract as needed. With 6.25 amps of power and a smooth transmission system, this adjustable-height, straight-shaft string trimmers offers more than satisfying performance considering its budget-friendly price.